internet as a source in a research paper

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Internet as a source in a research paper

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Date of Publication or Update. Title of work. Site name. News website: Bologna, C. What happens to your mind and body when you feel homesick? Group author: United States Department of Education. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says colleges of education must improve for reforms to succeed. Individual Author: Martin Lillie, C. Be kind to yourself: How self-compassion can improve your resiliency.

Mayo Clinic. Retrieval date: U. Census Bureau. Department of Commerce. Information such as Census statistics, Congressional hearings, and Supreme Court rulings would be included in sites with this domain. The information is considered to be from a credible source.

Generally, the information in these types of sites is credible and unbiased, but there are examples of organizations that strongly advocate specific points of view over others, such as the National Right to Life Committee and Planned Parenthood. You probably want to give this domain a closer scrutiny these days. Some commercial interests might be the ultimate sponsors of a site with this suffix. This domain suffix is used by the various branches of the Armed Forces of the United States.

You might find any kind of site under this domain suffix. It acts as a catch-all for sites that don't fit into any of the preceding domain suffixes. Information from these sites should be given careful scrutiny. Does the site you're evaluating give credit to an author? If no responsible author is listed, is there an indication of any sponsorship? When trying to determine reliability of information given in any medium, you want to have some idea of what the author's credentials are.

Are they experts on the topic they are writing about? What is their educational background? Remember, anyone can publish on the Web. They don't have to know what they're talking about. You also want to check and see if there's a list of sources given for the information on a site, like a bibliography that you would have to provide for a paper you're writing.

Information that is outdated may be incorrect or incomplete. A well maintained Web site will generally tell you at the bottom of the initial screen when it was last updated and maybe even when it was originally created and made available on the Web. An informational Web site in which all the hyperlinks are broken might not be a very reliable resource.

Broken hyperlinks are not uncommon, due to the ever changing nature of the Web, but when there are many broken links on a Web site, it might be an indication that the site isn't maintained on a regular basis. The site address can give you clues as to ultimate sponsorship of a site. If you can't determine who wrote the site or who or what is sponsoring the site, try truncating the URL to its root address.

This will tell you where the site is being hosted. For example, this site provides information on nutritional RDAs:. Given the obvious bias, this is probably not the best source of nutritional information. This symbol usually indicates that the site is a personal Web page and the information should be given careful scrutiny. Always compare the information that you find on a Web site with other information sources. Generally, you wouldn't want to use only Web sites as support for a research paper, so you would be looking at other types of sources such as books, magazine articles, etc.

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This process of “peer review” is the difference between, for example, an article in Time magazine and one in a journal such as the University of Toronto. It's often useful to identify your source in the body of your paper (and not just in your citation or footnote); this identification is especially important. Research article. Using the Internet as a source of information and support: a discussion paper on the risks and benefits for children and young people with.