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Best research proposal topics


Problem Statement IV. Literature Review V. Conceptual Framework VI. Research Question s VII. Objective VIII. Research Design. Introduction II. Problem Statement III. Purpose IV. Hypotheses VI. Research Design VII. Framework IX. Time scheduling X. Budget XI.

Expected limitations XII. Significance XIII. Title II. Faculty Sponsor III. Investigators IV. Abstract V. Background VI. Purpose VII. Timeline IX. Research Design X. Research Methodology IV. Feasibility of Study V. Overall Results VI. Justification of the study IV. Sample group V. Participants consent VI. Ethical considerations VII. Problem Background II. Research Question s IV. Statement of Purpose III. Background of the study IV.

Significance of the study V. Description VI. Methodology used VII. Type of study V. Data Collection Methods VI. Data Analysis VII. References IX. You dont have time to finish? Research Proposal Outline Introduction- Ensure that you insert a hook to capture the audience's attention. Talk about the primary problem, the methodology, and the importance of the research.

The main aim to persuade your reader. Background- At this point, you should give an in-depth analysis of the problem. It follows a specific structure, which does not resemble a research paper. Give more details about the importance of your study. With an outline, your final product will be well organized and clearly structured. Research methods- One of the crucial parts of your study, which ensure that you develop a quality research paper.

These methods—qualitative, quantitative, or mixed—are useful in driving the writing process in the correct direction. Conclusion- Make it brief and precise. Evaluate the cost of implementation of uniforms in a particular public school. You can consider the following criteria or find your own: quality, cost, type of uniform, influence on the discipline, individuality, etc. For this topic you will need to use your analytical skills and gather enough data for this research.

For this topic you will need to explore the correlation between student graduation SAT rates from a particular school and student level data from first year classes. The received data should show the existence of the bridge between SAT and college retention. Also, you will need to analyze previously conducted research in a similar topic. This research should be aimed to find the core points that can help students to find out that teaching is their future career. You can build questionnaires and conduct interviews to find the necessary data.

Find questions that will help you discover what makes students think of teaching as their career choice. Have teachers influenced their choice? What classroom experiences have lead to this decision? The aim of this research will be the investigation of the difference between parenting styles of men and women. You can view this topic from the feminist perspective and define what role feminism has played in the psychology of women. Also, consider how feminist movements have changed the frame of understanding about women.

The overarching goal of this assignment is to allow you to familiarize yourself, in some depth, with relevant literature that will allow you to generate your own questions and analysis of the issue, area, or problem you have elected to focus on. PTSD develops if a person has experienced a real or potential threat to life.

Also, there is a risk to witnesses of shocking events and people who have dealt with its consequences e. It happens that PTSD is felt by close friends and relatives of people who have suffered an injury. What is the difference between PTSD and a normal reaction to a traumatic event? What are the diagnostic criteria for PTSD? What factors can provoke PTSD? What should relatives do? How can they help a person with PTSD? Modern researchers give different definitions that can conclude that abuse is a different kind of behavior — from verbal and emotional insults to the use of physical force to murder and rape.

In this particular research we suggest you to make research about how emotional abuse influences psychological development of adolescents. It includes conflicts, insults, humiliations, intimidation, excessive control, indifference towards the child, and many other aspects. What are the most common reactions of children on such a negative attitude? How does it influence their adulthood? What physiological reactions can emotional abuse create?

According to some studies, support for the LGBT movement in modern society has significantly strengthened in recent years. However, it is still too early to talk about full acceptance of the rights and freedoms of sexual minorities. The situation of homosexual and bisexual people in the world vary from one country to another. In the countries where homosexuality is not accepted or is not supported on a high level, people with homosexual orientation experience high levels of pressure.

In many countries homosexuals are subjected to verbal abuse, threats, and subjected to homophobic violence. Conduct the research and define how a negative attitude to gays and lesbians influences their psychological well being. Technologies in the modern world shape our lives. We need to keep them under control so that their benefits help us grow in virtue. Children quickly learn how to use the internet, social networks, and games. Parents should learn how to use technologies to build positive relationships with children and help them explore the world.

Review the existing literature about how technology impacts parent-child relationships. What points should parents consider to build strong relationships with their children through technologies? How have technologies changed the approach to upbringing? Also, you may need to conduct field research on the experience of real families. We think that everyone knows that alcohol is harmful to all human beings. Here we pr opose you to research the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

A woman who consumes alcohol harms her unborn child. Alcohol affects the development of the embryo throughout the entire period of formation. Alcohol enters the blood of the fetus from the mother, disrupting cell division. The most vulnerable parts are brain cells and the spinal cord.

How does alcohol affect the fetus? What is a safe dose of alcohol? What are the signs of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? How can it be diagnosed? How can fetal alcohol spectrum disorders be prevented? Explore the factors that influence active family involvement with patients in the intensive care unit ICU.

Nowadays, it is important to involve the family in the care of the patient in the intensive care unit. For this topic you can explore local instructions, recommendations from the US and foreign hospitals and clinics, publications in PubMed, Medline, and other resources. What are the main benefits of involving the family in medical care? How can a critical care nurse involve family members to participate in patient care? What are the most common approaches?

What are the barriers for caregivers in intensive care? What instructions should be given to the caregiver? Propose and provide a health promotion program for students from a particular college or course. Colleges and universities should pay great attention to providing health promotion to students in order to create a healthy learning environment. Explore the standard practice for health promotion in higher educational institutions. When describing the proposed program you can consider the following points: health problems and health habits of particular students, what the program should include information, health checks, services, supplemental training, etc.

Describe the implementation and evaluation of the proposed program. Compare and analyze anxiety levels among women who practice yoga and those who do not. Anxiety and stress are like salt in the dish — it helps people be energetic and focused.

But when there is too much in our lives, it may lead to mental dysfunction that needs treatment. Yoga is considered to be one of the effective non-traditional ways to reduce anxiety. We propose you to conduct a study that will be aimed at determining the anxiety levels in apparently healthy women of a certain age and to study the effects of Yoga on anxiety levels among them. Choose the criteria you are going to evaluate: age, social status, regularity of exercises, health condition, etc. To conduct a study you can join one of the monthly yoga camps and gather the needed information about women who do yoga.

The relationship between the high rate of stress and physical image in teenage girls. The functioning of the nervous system of a teenager has its own peculiarities. Increased excitability, hyperactivity, and emotional instability is caused by changing balance of cortical-subcortical relationships in the direction of subcortical activity at pubertal age. What are the signs of teen stress?

What are the main causes of stress? How does stress relate to the physical image of teenage girls? What are the ways to reduce stress? To write a research proposal you will need to make an argument about why there is a need for research in this area. Support your claim with evidence from the literature. Come up with methods that you will use for collecting data to test your hypothesis.

Consider the limitations of your study. A research proposal is a paper that explains the details of your future research and is submitted to your instructor. To pick a topic, you should clarify your intentions about the research and find the information about it. The following list of example topics may help you with this difficult task.

It is important to choose an appropriate topic for a research proposal, as receiving good marks during postgraduate studies directly depends on your research project. In case you need some help, choose the topic you like from the category-list below. We hope that this list will help you find a good topic for your research proposal and leave you and your tutor satisfied with the choice.

As soon as you make the final choice, make sure that the topic is interesting for you, so you will be motivated to write it. Also, you need to have enough information from the internet and article databases for your research paper. Think what methods you will use for conducting the study and how you are going to collect the data. Decide who you will need to interview, what you might create or observe, etc. Good luck!

Latest orders. My account. Business Research Proposal Topics Evaluate the impact of leadership and culture on the sustainable development of 21st century organizations. Compare cultural and organizational behavior between China and the US.

Examples of Research Proposal Topics in Education What is the purpose of college: finding a job or knowledge? Discuss the pros and cons of uniforms in public high schools in the US. Analyze the relationship between SAT scores and college graduation rates.

Explore how to inspire students to choose teaching as a future career. Study the effects of PTSD on families after military leave. The impact of emotional abuse on the psychological development of adolescents. Define the effects of homophobia on men with a homosexual orientation. Find the effects of technologies on the parent-child relationship.

Biology and Medical Research Proposal Topics Research the dangers and effects of alcohol abuse on the fetus and newborn. Groups that support full, partial, or no privatization of social security Finding sponsorship, financial, and logistic support for a climb of the left peak of Kilimanjaro The program of gum recycling for a university campus How to build an effective social network marketing campaign Becoming technologically advanced or losing creativity?

The United States international finance system. Characteristics of entrepreneurs and their effect on entrepreneurial profitability. The market risk related to increasing gas prices. Entry-level job qualifications for business management positions.

The effect of executive compensation on corporate performance. Determining the price of the television ads. The variables that could have an effect on sales businesses. Environment vs. Drugs and Drug Abuse Approaches to correcting substance abuse. Substance abuse among the elderly. The relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence.

Substance abuse on college campuses. Mental illness and substance abuse. Substance abuse and family therapy. HIV and substance abuse. The treatment of tobacco dependency. Developmental disabilities and substance abuse. Applying evidence-based approaches to substance abuse. Economy Economics in an university cooperative. The impact of energy price liberalization on economic activity within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Employee benefits and their impacts on unemployment rates in Germany.

Economic development and brownfield. China: effect of communist party membership on wage rates. The demand for electric vehicles: a second chance for the 21st century. The effects of gender, income, race and religion on the amounts of donations to the charities. The impact of credit card incentive packages on consumer borrowing.

Using macroeconomic indicators to estimate the number of undocumented Mexicans entering the United States. Alternative factors to college success. The effect of family income on grade point averages for UCLA students.

Factors that affect the grade a student receives in a class. Factors affecting freshman admissions to UCLA. Relatedness of work on the graduation rate. The amount of time students spend on commuting. Financial aid and its affect on grade point averages. Understanding coach education.

Environmental The pollution trend of industrialization. Analysis of a bell pepper crop: farmer vs. The working environment vs. Development of efficient survey designs for environmental monitoring. Incorporating information on spatial patterns into ecological models. Monitoring of spatial and temporal variation in possum populations. The impact of European earthworm introduction on plant community dynamics.

The impact of European earthworm introduction on soil productivity and plant growth in a northern hardwoods ecosystem. Green products vs. The impact of the green house effect on the environment. Health Care The risk factors of a heart attack. Health care in America.

The driving forces of HMO health care premiums. Job lock and employment-linked health insurance. A comparative look at levels of care between traditional insurance plans and health maintenance organizations. Smoking cessation policy evaluation. Fraud and abuse in a health care law. Homelessness among the chronically mentally ill in United States. The factors that affect legal implications of private health care in Canada.

Law and Crime Underlying problems of crime rates in the US. Are formerly abused children more likely to commit violent crimes? Violent crimes committed by the elderly: what should the punishment be? The benefits on inmates in regard to guide dog training programs in the prisons. The pros and cons of prison nurseries. Is there a gender bias in our court system?

What are the benefits of teen courts for young offenders? How can work release programs benefit inmates? What is post-incarceration syndrome? Religion What do Christians think is most important in human life? Christianity vs. Is proof for the existence of God necessary? Which argument for the existence of God is the strongest? What are the foundations of the Universe and from where did the Universe emerge? Can God and real evil be reconciled?

Are science and religion in conflict? Is there a rational argument for the atheism? Can one be moral and not believe in God? Social Issues The impact of a rising population on the global economy. Factors that affect increased demand for television. An estimate on the chances affected by aids from the race. Salary discrimination in the National Basketball Association.

An analysis of the increase in the number of single parent families. Determinants of the dollars spent on car insurance. Analysis of college undergraduate studying time. The effects of rap music on violent behavior among African American teenagers.

Is it more effective for women to coach women than for men to coach women? How does coaching help managers in organizations to understand themselves and others? Get to the Writing Right Now We hope that this list will help you find a good topic for your research proposal and leave you and your tutor satisfied with the choice. Tags No tags. Presentation and Speeches. Formal Farewell How to Write Farewell.

Acceptance How to Write Acceptance. Receiving a Twenty Year Service Award. Graduation How to Write Graduation. Semi-formal Tribute How to Write Tribute. Tribute Presentation Sample Greenpeace Organization. Informative How to Write Informative. Motivational How to Write Motivational.

Demonstrative How to Write Demonstrative.

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What makes your research paper stand out is when you are able to bring your own perspective to light, of course, based on your research findings. Equipping yourself with enough materials to aid your research work: Accessing the material for your research paper from blogs and websites are the quickest to find, however, books, journals, magazines, articles, newspapers are more reliable.

In this day and age, your computer with access to the internet is your best bet. You can get a lot of materials online. The search engines available will easily pull up for you the materials needed, which you can download or print out at your convenience.

With this, you can already begin your research work. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contents hide. Research paper Topics:. Research Project Topics for Crime and Law. Research Project Topics for Drug and Drug abuse. Research Project Topics for Education. Research Project Topics for Environmental Study.

Research Project Topics for Parenting and Family. Research Project Topics for Health and Medicine. Research Project Topics for media and communications. Research Project Topics for Political study. Research Project Topics for Phycology. Research Project Topics for Religious Studies. Research Project Topics for Social Studies. Research Project Topics for Terrorism study. Research Project Topics for Women and gender Subjects.

Muhammad Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters. Related Articles. Kindly tell me some research topics from IT for research proposal of Ph. The influence of propaganda and marketing methods on people.

Types of nonverbal communication in modern society. The problem of eating disorders among the sportsmen. False memories and their grounds. The influence of media violence on the psychological development of children. Psychological aspects of the maturing process. Does being physically attractive play a positive role in life? The modern problem of hate crimes: grounds and external influence.

The effects of winning or losing on personal development. Sociology Cross-racial marriages and children adoption — the changes in patterns. Communication differences between children and parents. Is it worth including gender studies in the school programs for children? The role of racial stereotypes — do they still matter? Cultivation of patriotism and its possible negative effects. A question of correlation between race and academic achievements in universities. The influence of social networks on different social groups.

The problems of identity protection and security in social networks. The relation of eating disorders and anorexia to social media marketing. Gender stereotypes in media and their effects on the social groups. Criminal justice The problem of sexual harassment in schools and colleges. Cases of fraud in schools. The problem of cybercrime in the USA.

The problem of street gangs in the USA. Research cases of police shootings in the USA. Criminal consequences of the rape culture representation. The ways to defend a person from false accusations. Analysis of the direct influence of political corruption on organized crime. The current criminal justice system: effectiveness problems.

A study of abuse of power and its consequences. The problem of global poverty and the programs to fight it. The modern problem of war: causes and interests of the participants. The causes and moving forces of modern revolutions. If the election system outdated and needs changes?

A study of democracy principles malfunctioning in the USA and Europe. Protest movements organization and support in social networks. Efficient methods to fight corruption. The phenomena of political leaders.

Information technology Social changes in the technological world. The capabilities of the cutting-edge technologies in application to world problems solving. The role of social media in the shift of perception of the world. The correlation of the available Internet connection and the economic boost. How does the experience of distant communication affect direct human interaction? The changes in the educational system brought by online learning.

The positive and negative influence of digital technologies on work productivity. Is Internet censorship possible or needed? Is it necessary to monitor social media engagement for children? Official profiles in social networks: methods of maintaining and work ethics.