scholarly sources for research papers

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Scholarly sources for research papers


This source has collected many publications on scientific, medical, and technical topics. Here you can find peer-reviewed open access articles and paid content. This is an open library catalog that will help you find books in art, fantasy, biographies, science, romance, religion, and more. Some of them can be accessed digitally, while others can be borrowed in print.

PubMed is one of the most popular biomedical and life-science article databases. If you register as a user, NCBI will save your searches, bibliography, and results. It covers agriculture, history, education, law, medicine, science, and more. In this resource, you can find relevant and compelling science content. It has many categories you can choose from and interesting facts that you can use in your research paper.

If you need federal science information for your research, this source will provide research and development results from authoritative federal scientific databases. VALDO is a search engine for the fields of biology, bioscience, biochemistry, and more. Here you can find reports, protocols, methods, techniques, and other information for biological scientists. Please note that some of the texts in online databases need a paid subscription.

Find out whether your college provides access to a database. Contact your librarian or electronic source manager to find out about online subscriptions to the content you would like to access. Here are some insights on how to keep the records of your searches. Following these tips will make your research more productive. One of the main things that will help you do the literature review is taking notes or cards. This will significantly improve the writing process and save time for creating the works cited list.

While reading each source, make notes about the following points:. Here is a short list of services and applications that will help you save and structure sources. All of them are free to use and can be accessed on any device. Here you can keep all your sources for the research and access your library from any device. Keep notes and generate references easily in one place. Evernote is a simple note-taking service that will be helpful both for your research and everyday life.

Create folders, add tags, save images, and gather information with ease. Zotero is a free source for researchers. You can sort items, add tags, and save search information in one place. It also has an extension for browsers and may help you collect information directly from the web.

Just input the name of the source or all of the source details in the form to receive correctly formatted source information. We hope that our article will be helpful for you. The best service — I received exhaustive information on the materials I need for my research. Now I finally know how to find sources for research paper writing! Essaybulls rocks Can you do my biology paper, too?? The topics were of great help for me!

I guess these are the greatest history topics to write about. Citations may include a link to the full text which will take you to the complete article. For help getting an article, follow these steps:. Search Research Guides Search. Scholarly Articles and Journals.

Home Popular vs. Library Databases Frequently referred to as the invisible or deep web -- as opposed to the free web -- Healey Library's subscription databases provide well organized and highly selective coverage of scholarly journals.

JSTOR is a collection of thousands of high-quality academic journals and ebooks across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The journal archive includes back issues and some current issues. ScienceDirect ScienceDirect provides full text online access to over Elsevier journals and ebooks. The Backfiles program offers the ability to search a historical archive of over 6.

This set of journals is a key component of Healey Library's online scholarly journal collection. This is one of the largest scholarly databases to which Healey Library subscribes. Multidisciplinary coverage, including arts, humanities, sciences and technology. Provides full text coverage to the New York Times from to the present.

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The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information on some elements that go into researching and writing arts and humanities papers and theses. Because there is no unified structure to research and methodology in the arts and in the humanities, this guide provides general norms and suggestions, but is not comprehensive. Help with the Writing Process:. If you need help with the process of writing, such as composition, grammar, or syntax, please consult with the USC Dornsife college Writing Center.

The Center offers a variety of assistance to help students at any stage of the writing process. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Reliable sources for research have been grouped into two major categories. These are primary and secondary research sources. Primary sources are essentially original works, research results, and first-person accounts. The discipline and how a primary source is used differs. Examples of primary sources include:. On the other hand, secondary sources interpret or summarize primary sources. Essentially, secondary sources for research attempt to explain or describe primary sources.

They include:. These are the major types of sources for research. However, a researcher can also use tertiary sources. These are sources that serve for the detection and organization of materials in primary and secondary. The choice of the research paper sources to use should depend on factors like your field, size or length of the work, and instructions from the professor.

Not every source that is found on the internet is reliable or credible for use in a research paper. Essentially, only vetted and validated information should go into a research paper. Using the right sources of data in research strengthens the argument. But, how can a student identify credible research sources? Here are reliable research sources that students should consider:. Unreliable sources are the major sources of bias in research.

The internet is awash with information. And, determining which information is reliable is not easy for students. Nevertheless, using information from these sources is a great way to ensure that learners always write unbiased papers. The choice of the sources to use should depend on the purpose of a research paper. Essentially, the given research questions or the arguments that researchers want to make determine the types of sources for research papers. For instance, if a researcher needs expert evidence, they can use books, statistical data, and scholarly articles.

If they need individual or public opinion on a specific issue, they can use magazines, websites, and newspapers. Books, newspapers, and encyclopedia are great sources of basic facts. Primary sources like books, newspapers, and web-based collection are great sources of eye-witness accounts while professional or trade journals are great sources of information from experts or professionals in a specific field.

If a researcher needs local information, they can use books, websites, and newspapers. But, how many sources should a research paper have? Well, this should depend on the recommendation of the professor or educator, as well as, the length of the work. A good rule of thumb is to have a source for every page. This translates to 10 to 20 sources for a research paper of 10 to 20 pages.

However, how many sources for a research paper question should be answered by the instructor or supervisor. But, including more relevant sources can enhance the credibility of a paper. If asked to write a research paper for the first time, you may have difficulties finding credible and relevant sources.

Here are tips to help you:. Selecting a topic for your research paper will enable you to know what you should look for or the information that your sources should provide. Therefore, identify a topic and conduct a preliminary study to know the question that you should answer with information from your sources. A research project has a purpose. Have this purpose in mind to find relevant sources of materials to ensure that your work serves its purpose effectively.