motivation essay/letter for masters degree in public health

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Motivation essay/letter for masters degree in public health outline help essay

Motivation essay/letter for masters degree in public health


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It is my ambition to be admitted to this post graduate program in order to gain extensive competence for future academic research and professional work. Ghana has evolved into a stable and mature democracy throughout the last two decades. The country continues to show good performance on democratic governance, arising from strong civil society activism, growing media pluralism and press freedom, and adherence to the tenets of rule of law. The worldwide governance indicator placed Ghana between the 50th and 60th percentile on political stability, government effectiveness and regulatory quality, rule of law, control of corruption and accountability.

However, the country faces a countless number of social, economic and political problems stemming from policy deficiencies, gross economic mismanagement, and political and institutional corruption. Political leaders at the whelms of affairs only embark on policies that will propagate their populist agendas rather than policies that will seek to find lasting solutions to the problems that hinders Ghana's socioeconomic and political growth and development.

To this end, there is the need for tomorrow's leaders of Ghana to have analytical knowledge and tools to formulate and implement cogent, viable, and results-oriented policies that will bring about accelerated growth and development in the country. Every country in the world faces some forms of social, economic and political problems. Creative and well educated people are the ones who will play a vital role in resolving these problems.

My aim of pursuing a master degree in public policy is to gain analytic and practical knowledge in the field on international ground in order to be a part of the reform process in the development of my country. A Master In public policy from the xxx will be a step that will allow me to make an impact not only in the field of public policy and governance as a scholar, but it will endow me with abilities that will make a difference in people's lives and also sharpens my professional skills to be resourceful in organizations both public and private in the domestic and international arena.

I have nurtured a strong passion to be in academia and as such, to pursue studies to the PhD level, and I am of the conviction that a master's degree in public policy will lay the necessary foundation required for the pursuit of higher academic knowledge.

I developed particular interest in the subject areas of public administration, international relations and comparative politics during my undergraduate studies for it to serve as a stepping stone to gaining wide range erudition in comparative public policy and political economy, so as to be able to employ comparative analysis and approaches to finding practical solutions to Ghana's developmental problems.

In this regard, a top quality Master of Public Policy is almost 'a must', and in this respect, xxx is an obvious choice for me. It represents an essential stage of my education which complements well my previous studies and work, but it also opens a lot of new doors and provides opportunities for me to develop professionally and personally to achieve my career goals.

My undergraduate studies, guided me in systematic researching, analytical thinking, and information evaluation. These courses have given me an appreciable foundation in public policy and have motivated me to undertake further studies in the field.

As a public commission for the control and investigation of corruption, ensuring administrative justice Ombudsman and protection of human rights, my professional experience with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice CHRAJ as an intern has exposed me to practical cases of corruption, social injustice, and administrative injustice and practical ways of solving such cases. My experience with CHRAJ has sharpened my interest on matters of social justice, democracy and good governance, peace and social development.

My work as a Social Studies and Government teacher in Ejuraman Senior High School, has furnished me with foundational skill such as I may need in the pursuance of my academic career, a goal I yearn to achieve. The subjects I thought were very much about discourse on social, political and economic issues affecting my country. Also, my work experience as a teacher coupled with that from CHRAJ has embedded in me such skills as researching, communication, presentation, leadership, organization and time management; traits which are relevant in achieving academic excellence.

I am persuaded that taking part in this program offered by the xxx with its interdisciplinary approach, would contribute to my development as an expert of international repute in the best possible way. I hope to return to my Home country to start a career in academia or work as a research fellow with a think tank.

The skills I may acquire through my studies will be an important asset in contributing to Ghana's development. I did research and rural residency at white nile state as part of community medicine curriculum. In addition to this I've got primary health care as separate subjects in one year course. When i was student i was interested in extracurricular activities and i attended many medical conferences , idid clinical attachment in teaching hospitals.

I worked in standing committee of public health in Khartoum university since I was traveled to Malaysia for emergency medicine course in I had got an opportunity of clinical exchange for medical students but I'am not went because of my 5th year final examination.

My life experience molded me into a hard working ,i had leadership role , high capacity to learn and learn and study for long hours per day. I'm a very open, social, friendly person, and when it comes to people approaching me I'm totally cool with that , I like knowing new people , I enjoy being around different types of people , It's a lot of fun. I'm a creative person. I love to read literature , to act, and to perform. I love to create things with my hands , make the shape of small building and draw , I participated at extracurricular activities and creativeness activities at the university and I like to always challenge myself to improve at everything I do.

My favourite sports are swimming and formula racing. I speak Arabic , English and l was good in french. I'am so existed to study in United States as it's home of most prestigious universities and provides diversity in culture ,race , ethnicity so we can learn from one another. From my point of view l consider cultural differences will affect the receptivity of a individual to indivudal education and willingness to accept information and incorporate it into his or her lifestyles.

Upon completion of my master program I would like to to gain more skill in this field by doing my PhD and working in NGOs and I would like to work in teaching field. I'am convinced that studying master in public health in United States will provides me with the knowledge and skill that I need in my future career. I'am sure i will be successful in this program. Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response. I graduated from the faculty of medicine, Khartoum University in , and I would like to apply for the master's degree in Public Health at your university because I believe that prevention is better than cure.

By preventing diseases and promoting health, governments can save money and nations can prosper. This is because the field of public health focuses on entire populations, not individual patients or diseases. Your master's program is interdisciplinary and would provide me with exposure to various other fields such as working with NGOs and scientific research. I would like to build my experience in this field and pursue a future career that allows me to be creative and helpful to people with limited resources to improve their health.

In my university, I studied community medicine and public health for 5 years.


It was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. In addition to research, I am actively being part of the outreach activities on mental health issues since dissemination of the scientific outcome is equally important to create the desired impact in the society.

Led a week long awareness campaign as part of the world suicide prevention week which includes collaborating with the state government for establishing helpline facilities to organizing a panel discussion with the general public, students, and the experts.

Through all these outreach events, I have picked up a unique way to communicate science to a wide array of audience through a broad variety of media, and I anticipate to avail and enhance these skills during my time at XXXX. From serving in student council board to co-founding a statistical club in the college, I consistently spent time assuming leadership roles during my Bachelors, which reflected in my decision-making skills and professional life as a whole.

I firmly believe that the coursework in the Masters programme will complement my previous academic and research experience and serve as a foundation for my future career. I am confident that by the end of my graduate study, I will be able to contribute my humble part as a Biostatistician in India's journey to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals SDGs for health by Your essay exceeded the word count by 28 words.

You will need to do some overall editing to make sure that you meet the word count maximum requirement. I can't do that for you because only you would know where you would be comfortable cutting out or rewriting certain information within your presentation. One thing that the essay should immediately present is your personal motivation for your interest in mental health.

That is weakly presented in the first paragraph. It has to be made the center of that discussion instead. How has mental health affected your life or the lives of those around you? What motivated this interest? Paragraphs 1,4, and 5 are the most important presentations in this essay.

If you can improve on those aspects, the essay should become stronger. Paragraphs 2 and 3 are not really part of the motivational discussion required for this essay. While transporting patients in the ambulance, I came to understand that their bad condition is the result of their rudimentary understanding of basic health care and restricted access to the best medical facilities in the Middle East.

Until very recently, I still had no career objective in mind. However, after attending the meeting held by the Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB, I recognized that I could combine my broad academic background in biology and the skills I gained from my practical experience as a first aid volunteer to engage in a vocation as a public health practitioner. I want to pursue the Master of Public Health Program with a concentration in Health Behavior and Education in order to research and implement intervention policies aimed at providing the population with direct access to health care services.

Also, I inspire to infuse health care concepts in young men and women by integrating health awareness in educational programs and conducting campaigns that would elevate a sense of responsibility for a better well-being. Furthermore, as a current volunteer at the Lebanese Red Cross, I am looking forward to gaining more responsibilities that would enable me to improve the efficiency of services that the Red Cross provides.

I believe that my studies in public health at AUB will enlighten my perception of current health issues and more, provide me with the skills necessary to avert preventable health concerns. I am more than sure that the friendly and supportive atmosphere at the AUB School of Public Health, a school long renown for its commitment to excellence in all that it does, will enable me to exhaust and develop my capacities to the full, thus allowing me to become a successful well-rounded person, able of playing an active role in my community.

Indeed, the MPH program will be demanding, but I am willing to give it my very best, for I have the solid dedication, maturity, and desire to become a public health practitioner. I am publishing this personal statement to provide help and some inspiration to all who are in the process of writing a personal statement. It is indeed one hell of a job and I hope this could make it easier. And please, be creative, don't plagiarize. Thank you for sharing your personal statement and your story for all to see!

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I am a hard-working individual who is willing to take on a leadership role, and who has high the capacity to study and sustain new knowledge all. I'm a creative person. I love to read literature, to act, and to perform. I love to create things with my hands, make the shape of small. This excellent MPH application essay can provide you with the inspiration to write successful application essays of your own.