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Writing a blog post is a little like driving; you can study the highway code or read articles telling you how to write a blog post for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

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Custom content editor for hire for school Create and host your help writing culture blog webinar Create a landing page with something like Leadpages or Instapages. A few ideas to try: Make a recipe for success in your niche. That said, the benefits of blogging for business are worth racking your brain for. Think back to that time and write down the advice as you remember it. Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.
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Cover letters it It's a cool way to repurpose content. Let them see that you are a human behind your blog. Consider what you know about your buyer personas and their interests while you're coming up with a topic for your blog post. Make your blog about something very specific and you'll please both the search engines and your readers. What are some new ventures that you'd like to try? Be honest, be accountable, and fix it — fast. Or something.
Writing argument essay Email me for details on that. How about that great bed and breakfast you went to in Ireland? You have been subscribed. Last updated: May 17, If your blog or business is help writing culture blog up of a team, you could always share where each member wants to go on their next vacation. Now is your chance to share what resources you have found about certain topics. Richard Branson and Warren Buffett also apparently subscribe to versions of this kind of thinking.
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Let them see that you are a human behind your blog. If you have, write a blog post from your speech and share it. It's a cool way to repurpose content. Instead of letting your speech get lost in your hard-drive files, use it and embellish on it by making it deeper. Share more content. You could even type it all up and schedule it to publish right after your speech is finished. Tell your audience to get the notes and other awesome tips on your website.

This is also a great way to build an email subscriber list. Want to get more followers? Having influencers on your blog and guest writing for other blogs can really boost your followers. It helps if the blogs you choose are actually ones that have influencer status. Has anyone asked you any questions lately? Turn their questions into blog post ideas. Write it up and help your readers solve their problems.

If your readers haven't asked any questions recently, go to Quora and look for the type of questions people would ask in your niche. Use those as blog ideas. Walk your readers through the hour-by-hour day in the life of your title. Don't forget to share pictures — it's always a lot of fun for people to peak into others' lives.

What things would you warn people against doing in your career? Think of these as five things that are deadly to doing your job correctly. It's like that game where you give so many facts, sneak in a few lies, then have your friends guess what was true and what was false. Think about this post in somewhat the same way, but instead of making your readers guess, tell them which are truths and which are lies.

People always want to know how to start out in their niche — the nitty-gritty details on how to do it all. Teach them how to start one of their own. Cover all the basics of starting your own business, blog, or career. If your answers are actionable and helpful, people will keep coming back for more. Are there life lessons that people who aren't in your career could learn from? You might be amazed. Collect the links of your favorite bloggers and websites and share them in a list post.

People love finding new, awesome blogs. When you are the one to help them find all these great bloggers, they'll remember that and that will cause them to trust you more — which will make them come back for more. Ever read a book and thought, "Man, this character is basically me!

Use that as inspiration for a post like this. We are in such a digital world. You can't go anywhere without seeing people looking at their phones or tablets. List out your favorite apps. Write out all the awesome plugins that you are using on your blog. Make a list of how you use them and why others should also be using them.

Create a list of your favorite blog posts that helped you this month. Have you watched any awesome video tutorials lately? Make a list-post of the best ones you've seen. Share the events and make sure to link them. Add tips for people who might want to go to those events this year, so their experience will be even more amazing.

You can learn a lot about a person when you spend any time looking into what they read, watch, or even what they listen to. What do you think your playlist says about you? Pick a topic and make a roundup list of actionable posts that show how to do certain things that will help your audience become better at what they do. Mission statements are always great to have. They are a great way to keep your site focused on moving forward to your goals. Write up your mission statement and share it with your followers.

We do this every year here at CoSchedule, so we'll know what kinds of things you want to know more about. It really helps us get to know a little more about you and your goals as marketers, writers, and bloggers. Do the same kind of thing for your own niche. Once you've gotten the responses, make that into a blog post. Life can get hectic. How do you slow down and show yourself love?

What are some tips that might help your readers love themselves more? Why do you love what you do? Here at CoSchedule, we have a motto: "Do what you love. Love what you do! Life and work are so much easier when you love what you do. Write down what you are passionate about. This could go in a few different directions. Either you could make a massive list of the different things you've learned this year, or you could write a blog post for each idea off the list.

Maybe share how to do what you've learned or the life lessons that a person could learn from. When working in a creative niche, there are times where the words flow or the ideas bubble up out of you like a fountain. There are also those days where you lack creativity and really don't know what direction you want to go with certain projects.

This can be hard. Many people give up on their creative endeavors when this happens. I've been told by countless creatives that creativity is a lot like having a child. If major complications happen during child birth, there is a chance that the mother and the baby could both die.

The same story could be said for the artist bearing an untold story. If you have a story to tell but don't tell it, you're hurting yourself and harming the story. You don't want the story to die, right? Share all the things that keep you creative as a writer, blogger, content marketer, artist, or graphic designer. Think creatively.

You could even choose a couple words to use. Check out the Sunday Scribblings blog that set up a new word prompt every Sunday for some inspiration. It's good to think about the things that you want to change about your life. It helps you see how to become better at what you do while also helping your audience see that you still want to improve upon things in your life. Sometimes, it helps people to see that you are just a normal person. I love inspiring quotes — especially if they are related to a personal niche.

Other people love them for the same reason. Basically, quotes are morsels of knowledge from another person that help with inspiration and encouragement. Encourage your audience with niche-related quotes. It also helps just knowing that others have felt the same way. There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. Start by writing a list of the top things you wish you'd known. Just brain dump all your thoughts into that list.

Then use that as the backbone for your blog post. It can be tough to try and visualize where you'll be in more than a week, meaning five to ten years into the future can be hard to picture. This can be a great time to imagine and dream. Try to be realistic, though. You don't want to feel overwhelmed when you realize how much is on your plate. Writing reviews is a great way to tell companies that you like their products, but more than that, it's a great way to share awesome products with other people.

Do you use CoSchedule? A few years ago, there was an open letter that many bloggers partook in. You've probably heard of it. With this, think about all the things you'd tell your younger self to help them through the things you went through. Here's an example you can check out from Huffington Post. Write up a post using quotes you've gotten from experts in your field.

People love posts like these, especially if what the experts are saying is new and can't be found anywhere else online. Go to your Google Analytics and look at your most popular posts from the past few months, for each season, and share them with your followers again in a recap post.

What has been the most successful way for you to build blog readers? Write down your steps and share them. Some people think it will harm them if they give away their secrets, but that isn't true. If you give away your secrets, people are going to trust you and keep coming back to you for more. Find some awesome free images on Unsplash or in this blog post. Look at some pictures and use them to inspire your post idea.

This is a creativity-building blog idea. I absolutely love seeing writers' writing places. Your followers can take away so much inspiration these places. Share your workplace. Artists love sharing and seeing other artists' studios, while writers love seeing other writers' offices. Share pictures of your office, too! Think of 15 awesome and funny things. You could also use this idea to write 15 things that no one knows about your business or product.

Make a list and then focus on ways that you can show those unique characteristics and strengths more often. Share the changes, journeys, and stats. You could also share the top posts from the past year and the top comments. It's a great way to pull your readers into your blog and thank them! Share how you found your team.

Was there a hiring process? Did you find them on an outsourcing website? It can be hard to fit all your thoughts into characters. Take the idea you got from a tweet and share that in post format on your blog. Have you read any great books in your niche?

If so, why don't you write a book review of sorts on the book? Grab some of the biggest lessons from the book that stuck out to you that may help your audience. Also, think about reaching out to the author of the book to share your review with them. Authors love it when people contact them to talk about their books. Who wouldn't want to know that their writing impacted your life? Creating more content like your most popular blog posts just makes sense.

Use a tool, like Moz , to understand the keywords that are helping you crush it and get new blog ideas from your best content. Create a fun way to get your readers excited about your top posts. What else can you do to make them special? When you participate in a blog hop, blog roundup, or a carnival, you'll have to write a blog post that has to do with a topic. Usually, the blogger who is hosting the blog hop or setting up the carnival will have an overarching theme.

You'll have to write something about that with a topic that relates. Having guest writers is an awesome way to fill up your blog with content. You just want to make sure you go about it the right way. Treat your blog like a magazine and ask for pitches. Self-publishing has opened many doors for writers, but it has also opened the publishing doors for a whole lot of not-so-good stuff. That makes it difficult for a person to find good, actionable e-books that are actually free.

Ever thought of writing something different? Think about writing lyrics, a short story, poetry, or a short script and then share it on your blog. Make a comprehensive guide on a certain topic. Teach your readers the in-and-out to writing "how-to posts" or whatever topic you decide to choose. Remember to make it actionable. Did someone influential in your life or business pass away?

Write up a blog post in memory of them. Do you use any online tools? If so, write up a list of the most helpful tools you've found and used. We recently published a post here on the CoSchedule blog that was a checklist. These are fun posts to write.

Just walk your readers through the process of doing something in a checklist format. Have you ever seen those posts where bloggers do the A—Z posts on certain topics? There are a few ways that you could go about using this for blog ideas.

First, you could write one post with a list from A—Z, and then list words that start with that letter. You could also write a blog post for each letter. That would be a ton of blog ideas, once you got through the whole alphabet. Thank your readers. They're reading your blog posts, so thank them. Give away something special to them for being awesome. That's just something to keep on your mind whenever you come up with new blog ideas.

Do you have a lot of blog posts covering a certain topic? If so, compile them into one document. Ask a designer to make a cool cover through Behance or Dribbble , or just make your own with Canva. When you're done with the book, write up another post covering some awesome tips from all the posts that you compiled into the ebook. Put a call to action in there where people can sign up for the book and grow that email list.

Write a blog post and then write a few quotes from your blog post by hand. Scan it and then upload those into your posts. This will add a new creative twist to your blog post. Turn your posts into downloadable audio mp3 files. This is a fun way to be unique since people sometimes get sick of reading a ton of information. Think about having an audio area where they can listen to your post instead. Big blogs, like Social Media Examiner, do this for their most successful posts using a tool called Blubrry Powerpress.

Share your post on social media using the event hashtag, so attendees will find it. Take an old blog post and make a webinar out of it. Then write a new post and market your webinar in it. Now, write those up and share them freely or use them to collect email subscribers. Think about turning the content you already have on your blog posts into a download of some sort.

Could that be a guide, worksheet, or video course? Take a look at our Resource Library for some great ideas on things you can create. Vlogging is a great way to play around with creating new content or reshaping old content into something new. If you want to turn an old post into a vlog, go through your post and pick out the main topics that will help your audience solve whatever problem they want to solve.

Then write it out as a script. Practice a ton. Record yourself and then edit it. Once you are done with that, share it with your audience. Write an actionable post about the topic that you are going to cover. Don't cover everything you want to cover in the workshop, but you can share something awesome that will make them want to sign up for that course. Infographics are a lot of fun for making your blog posts a little more colorful and scannable. You can learn more about making them here.

Share them on social media. Pinterest loves infographics. You could also call it a cheat sheet. Fill it with tips and tricks of the trade that'll help your audience ace the test. Have you made any blogging mistakes? Make a list of all the mistakes. It would make a great what-not-to-do post. If this idea prompts you to make food and talk about your niche There are many ways that you could write a post and bring in a recipe.

Are there any types of food that are popular in your area? Share a recipe so everyone can enjoy it! Are there chefs that readers in your food niche admire? See if they'll do an interview for your blog. We all love junk food. However, what if people could have those things without the negative side effects? Food is all about exploring new flavors. Try something you've never had before and share your thoughts. Are there any new cook books coming out that you're interested in?

Write a review and maybe even host a giveaway and send a free copy to a reader. People love going out to eat. They'd love even more to know how to copy their favorite restaurant recipes more affordably at home. We all fail from time to time.

Sometimes, reading about other people's missteps can help us feel better about our own mistakes. Sometimes, sharing your mistakes can help you see what you learned from those experiences. Be sure to check it in the Headline Analyzer Studio.

Be sure to include links where people can buy them, too. If the manufacturer's have videos on them, you can easily embed those. Empty out your travel bag and explain why each piece is included. Then, show your readers where they can find those items. What's hot on social media right now?

Write a blog post telling your readers the latest trends and how to copy those styles. Photographers love to see how others are shooting. Share a gear breakdown of everything you keep in your camera bag. Simple how-to content often does well.

From setting an appropriate f-stop to properly framing shots, there are tons of techniques you can share. Show your readers how to do something specific with Photoshop, Lightroom, or other photography software. Photographers don't always love dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork. Show how you make it easy. New folks pick up cameras for the first time every day.

Many of them go looking for tips and advice. Help them out by sharing how you got started. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Imagine how powerful of a story you could tell with a photo series on your blog.

Not only will you learn more about how they approach the craft, but the interview might make a great blog post. Don't be afraid to sell and tell your audience exactly what you can do for them as a photographer. If your sample is good, they'll want to read the rest.

This is also a great way to build your email list. Authors aren't always the best marketers. If you've ever promoted a book of your own, help others learn how to do the same. Landing an agent isn't necessarily easy. If you've done it and learned some dos and don'ts along the way, offer your best tips. Writers love to know how other writers work. When you start to write a book or short story, how do you get started and which steps do you follow to complete it?

Use Meetup to plan and host a regular writer's group in your area. Write about it on your blog. Now, you're bound to have plenty of blog ideas that will birth many blog posts. When you use these unique blog ideas, no one can stop you from writing awesome content — not even the blinking cursor! Offer available only to blog readers. This post was originally published on August 8, It was updated and republished on July 2, Devin Joubert Pronounced: Yo Bear!! She loves writing, blogging, seeing the world, and finding the magic in everyday life.

Follow her adventures here and here! If you are used to creating other inbound-type […]. Conducting customer interviews is one of the best ways to do market research for improving your business. Just think of all the things your company can strategically do with rich […].

Join Headline Studio For Free. Enroll To Start Learning. Organize all your marketing in one place with marketing calendar software from CoSchedule. Start A Trial. Schedule A Demo. Toggle navigation Blog. Agile Marketing Guide How to implement an agile marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Guide How to choose, prioritize, plan, and execute projects. Books 10x Marketing Formula Find out how to short-circut the path to jaw-dropping growth. Get Started with Agile Marketing Everything you need to know to go agile, right now. Tools Headine Analyzer Write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results. After all, listicles are easy to digest at a glance and can be skimmed by busy readers.

Additionally, subheaders can help people zero in on key points without necessarily having to read an entire article. Additionally, lists are straightforward for writers to put together and can help break down larger topics into smaller pieces.

For writers and readers alike, this sort of simplicity is a win-win. These types of posts address a specific question readers might have, helping writers hone in their focus on a single topic. These types of posts can be broad in scope but do well to pique the curiosity of the reader. In a day and age dominated by clickbait headlines , bloggers are tasked with writing compelling headlines that attract readers without pulling a bait-and-switch. How do you make it happen, though? Tools such as the Hemingway Editor can help you identify opportunities to make your content more readable.

The cut-and-paste app detects words and sentences that might be confusing to readers and highlights them throughout your text. Many writers also use tools like Grammarly to avoid common grammatical issues and awkward phrases. A higher readability grade is just fine in these cases. The more you write, the easier it is to find those balances over time. Think about how the format of your point can naturally draw your reader from one sentence to the next. Posts should also be broken up frequently by subheaders, again making your content easy to scan.

Many bloggers try to insert a subheader at least every words. Note that we typically include a variety of examples, images and screenshots throughout our posts here at Sprout. Most bloggers include three to four images per blog post , but writers should feel free to include as many visuals as they see fit. Going beyond stock photos or screenshots, consider how you can whip up a graphic or quote with the help of a tool like Canva. Bear in mind that you can also use social embeds to break up your blog posts, too.

For bloggers using WordPress, social links you copy-and-paste will immediately populate without issue. Agencies, forget quick wins. It's time to play to your existing strengths. The takeaway here is to find opportunities to keep your readers scrolling with the help of headers and visuals. Of course, sacrificing readability for the sake of SEO is a common mistake among bloggers competing for keywords.

Again, the concept of balance rears its head. For starters, take the time to do proper keyword research via SEO tools and start with keywords you might realistically rank for. Few posts will ever get the total green light from Yoast. To wrap things up, here are some quick tips for bloggers to create high-performing, share-worthy content over time.

In addition to traffic for individual posts, consider how metrics such as bounce rate and clicks can clue you in the posts that readers interact with the most. The same rules apply to metrics such as social shares and clicks. Through social analytics , you can discover common threads between the types of content that your readers share.

Given the hours involved in putting together a quality post, content distribution should be a top priority for each post you publish. And consider how social media is central to promoting your blog to current and new readers alike. Additionally, tools such as Viralpost ensure that your blog-centric posts go live when readers are most likely to see them.

Through consistent reading and writing, you can develop better writing habits and style all your own. When you spot a blog post that you find engaging, take the time to dig into why it clicked with you. Was it the level of depth that the post went into? Paying attention to these points and emulating them in your own writing can put you on the path to more compelling content yourself. Onboarding and managing freelancers brings its own set of tasks, but can be well worth it to expand your publishing scale.

One of the most common questions when starting the search is how much you should be paying for a blog post. With the help of these tips and plenty of practice, you can do exactly that sooner rather than later. We still want to hear from you, though. What do you find helps your post score more shares? Let us know in the comments below! Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.

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If you would like to write about culture in general, you can learn more about some culture blog topics, that are sure to be interesting. Getting started · Consider integration · Find a niche · Write about what you love · Offer value · Focus on marketing · Encourage interaction · Make. Writing a blog post is a little like driving: nothing can prepare further down the road and help you develop good blogging habits.